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It's Nothing If Not Complicated
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(We're official now. We have a banner. Made by the more-than-glorious dancing_crazy, to whom I owe many nakidLisas, pin-striped lab coats and quite possibly a part of my soul.) And now that we're official, without further ado adieu,

Let the guilt trips, wives and painkillers reign free!

No, wait...

Welcome to the land of snark, ties, wives and canes, stacks of paper, high heels, little white pills, clinic duty and funbags. Here, we endorse all things Cuddy, Wilson, House and all combinations thereof. We love comments, questions, pictures (behind friendly cuts), icons, tutorials, random thoughts and squees. We like plot summaries, spoilers (those cuts again), quotes, character/relationship analyses, and, most importantly - fanfic.

Yes, this was created as a fanfic archive for all things HouseWilsonCuddy, but at it's birth said, 'No way, bitch' and decided to become an everything-love community. But no matter, we still want your fics.

Basically, there ain't nothin' you can't do here (how 'bout them negatives?), so long as it somehow involves the aforementioned trio. And so long as you mind your manners. This is a community of (very twisted) love. If you've got a problem with a character/actor, voice it in a polite, analytical way, please, even if it isn't House, Wilson or Cuddy. I know Cameron isn't exactly a hot ticket over here, but take the bashing elsewhere, else you shall get three more chances, and then you'll be turned into a goon.

Or something of the like.

And, needless to say, keep discussions HouseWilsonCuddy oriented, eh? There's lots of ChaseCameronForeman (?!) love out there, but alas, this is not the place.

This is however the place for all above-noted items (especially your fanfic), and anything else that got left out.

So, that said, diagnose your pathology, and start spreadin' the love.

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