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Aftermath - PG

Title: Aftermath
Rating: PG
Summary: Cuddy visits Wilson in Princeton one last time before his cross-country travels begin.
Pairings: Wilson/Cuddy, House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, House/Cuddy/Wilson
Notes: Spoilers for the entire series. I'll be the first to admit that this is kind of silly and OOC but it was something I just NEEDED to write. Partly because Cuddy was so close with Wilson - so much so that he was a character reference for her adoption - that I am certain she would have been there for him in the final arc. Partly because I sorely miss the OT3 banter. Thanks to plazmah for giving me the confidence to not just scrap the fic entirely. Enjoy!

Before her fears could propel her to her feet, Wilson arrived. And smiled. That was all it took for Cuddy to realize just how damn much she had missed him.
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