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Fic: "New York, I Love You"

Title: New York, I Love You
Author: potc_fanatic111
Character(s)/Pairing: Everyone; main pairing is House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy pairing explored.
Rating: T
Summary: John and Blythe House decide that their son, Gregory, needs to become socialized with today's youth after a long childhood as a military brat. So, for his senior year of high school, they enroll him into an elite preparatory school ... in New York city. There, House feels swamped within the sea of heirs and heiresses of various old and new money households. He is the peasant, and another student, Lisa Cuddy, is old money. It's in their blood to hate each other. It's a little bit Gossip Girl, a little bit Romeo and Juliet, a little bit Great Gatsby...
A/N: Big time alternate universe: set in high school, today. And I know essentially nothing about Cuddy's childhood, so evidently, I'm making one up.
Disclaimer: Mine? No, nooo, quite the contrary. House and all affiliates own me.

( I realized she was smiling at my uniform. I glanced forward immediately. I did not want another reminder of how much of a 'gentlemen' I supposedly resembled in this attire. )
Tags: fanfiction
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